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Walker Bags






Forget plain black walker bags, so boring!  Our walker bags have colorful lined fabric pockets, denim inside pockets and easy attaching straps.  Keep all your favorite items handy and in reach in a cheery bag.  We have many different pocket designs for men or women, all ages.  If you don't see one you like, just ask!







Durable and machine washable too!  Yes, we personalize!  (above the print pocket, or on the back, your choice)








Bags fasten easily to walker with 3 velcro straps.  The bag itself also has velcro closures.  You do not have to loosen the straps to open the top of the bag! 







Our walker bags fit on regular walkers or the new wheeled walkers with seats.



Cline Craft uses authentic licensed fabrics in the construction of our quality handmade items.  Cline Craft is not affiliated with or sponsored by the owners of any character, trademark, or image on the licensed fabrics we use, or the manufacturer of said fabrics.  Items sold by Cline Craft are handmade by us and are not licensed items.  Use of authentic licensed fabrics and sale of items handmade with authentic licensed fabrics is legally protected under First Sale Doctrine.  Display of images on fabrics is Fair Use.