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Tote Sizes & Construction Details
This is how we make em!

What size tote do you need?  Most of our totes will be close to these 3 sizes.  Each is shown with a standard spiral notebook.  This is the large size (about 16x16) and as you can see, it is very roomy.  These are great for shopping, the beach, the library, baby items, and super for travel, particularly as an airline carry-on.  Of course all our totes are 100% machine washable and super tough.  Even if you stuff these large ones full, the wide, soft straps won't cut into your shoulders.  One of these large with a matching small (shown below), make a tote set.

This is the medium size.  (about 13x13)  Many use these for an everyday purse.  All around great size for just about anything.  It will handle a few regular size books, baby items, about any use.  Tough and durable, these mediums are quite roomy too.

This is our "small" size tote.  It's still almost big enough to swallow the spiral notebook.   One of these plus a matching large size make up our tote sets.  These are great for kids too, and wonderful as a diaper and toy bag for toddlers.  Great when you just need a couple of diapers, a snack, or whatever.  These small ones also make great lunch totes and wonderful purses.  We can add pockets for a small charge and will add a velcro closure to the main tote body, no extra charge.  Of course fully machine washable again and again.

This is a photo of the inside of an open tote.   You can see the squared off bottom from this angle.  This one doesn't have inside pockets, but we can add them for just a small extra charge.  We will also add a velcro closure to the top of any tote, FREE of charge, upon request.  Why don't we add them on all totes when we make them?   Because some customers do not want the velcro closure, especially if they are to be used for knitting or sewing items.  It is your choice. As you can also see, fully machine washable, and can take what you can dish out.

We square off the bottoms of all our totes.  They are soft totes, fully machine washable and will not stand on their own.  They roll up for easy storage.

This is a closeup detail of a front tote pocket.  As you can see, it is carefully lined and has a velcro closure.   Each feature fabric you see on a tote is a pocket like this.  It is on 1 side.

Finally, the side of one of our large totes.  As you can see, the pockets are securely serged in to the seam.   Straps!  All our straps are made of the same fabric the tote is made of.  A strap starts as a flat piece of fabric.  It's then ironed over on both edges to make a "hem", folded over so the edges face each other then sewn on both sides of the strap.  This makes for a strap that is both beautiful, (matches the tote), but is very durable and soft, easy on hands or shoulders.  You just don't see straps made with this much care elsewhere.  These totes are made to last from top to bottom!  Thousands of customers, many coming back again and again, confirm this fact!










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