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FAQ, including payment information.
Our details and policies

Payment information. Is my payment safe? Do I need a PayPal account to purchase?

No, you do not need a Paypal account to purchase from us.  It is one available option, but we also take credit cards, personal checks and money orders and cash of course.  We can also take your CC payment by phone if you're more comfortable with that.   Your credit card payment is safe and secure on our site.  We use a secure payment gateway. We do NOT store your cc information or keep it on file.   You will see "Cline Craft" as the payment recipient listed on your CC statement.

What about personalization?

Yes, we have personalization embroidery available!  For totes, it is done above the print pocket.  For aprons, above the top pocket.  We have block, script or monogram fonts available, in the thread color of your choice.  Or, we can choose a coordinating color for you.   Personalization is FREE here on our website.  Just leave a message in the box in the right hand side of the page when you add to cart, or, you can also send email or your phone number and we'll call for your personalization information.   Service is very important to us!

Shipping information

We ship via USPS Priority Mail.  Shipping for your entire order is $5, whether it's one item or 50.   When providing a shipping address, please provide the address where your receive your mail.

When can I expect my order to arrive?

We are extremely proud of our 5 star shipping time rating on Ebay!  For most orders, we ship within 3 days of receiving payment.  Often it will be sooner.  For large or custom orders, it could be a bit longer, but we work hard to fill orders quickly.  And, we will keep in touch with you about your order.   If we are away or cannot ship for some reason, there will be a message as such on our homepage.   We ship via USPS Priority mail, so it gets there fast.

Do the totes have a main closure?

The totes don't have a top closure when we make them.  They do have a velcro closure on the front pocket.  Why no main closure by default?  Some folks don't want them.  So, we add them free for any customer, upon request.  Sorry, we cannot add zippers or buttons due to a relatively new law about manufacture of any item that might accessed by children.   We can add a velcro closure however.  

What about the straps?

For bags, we make all our straps out of the same denim or fabric the main body of the bag is made of.  No cheap looking webbing!  They start as a single cut of denim then are ironed over double with hems then sewn.  This results in a strap that is soft and easy on your shoulders, yet very durable.  And it matches the bag.

For apron waist straps we use either the same fabric as the pockets or a coordinating fabric.  We have found that cotton straps are much easier to tie than the denim ones.  The neck strap is denim, with an adjustable slide.  Children's aprons' neck straps have a velcro closure for safety.

Where are the totes made? How do you sew the pocket on?

We make all the totes and aprons at our home in the Arkansas Ozarks- NO foreign shortcuts. We start with bolts and rolls of fabric, NOT pre-made bags. We prewash the denim to reduce shrinkage and fading. The pocket is sewn in during assembly of the tote or apron.   You can see details on tote construction on our 'Compare Tote Sizes' page.  Your purchase with Denim Totes Plus is a quality handmade item you'll be proud to own or give as a gift.

Do you take custom orders?

Yes, we love custom orders!  It is nearly impossible to list every fabric, or tote size combination we have.  In addition to hundreds of pocket fabric choices, we often have denim color choices.  So if you don't see what you need, please contact us, we might be able to make it.  We can also make a tote or apron from your fabric if you like.  We can make custom sizes and of course we have personalization embroidery.  Our photo totes are a super one of a kind practical gift.

Do you ship internationally?

Please contact us for shipping an international order.  Shipping costs will be considerably more than the $5 for US orders.

Can I have a gift directly shipped to the recipient?

If you would like to make a gift purchase and have it shipped directly to the recipient, we will make every effort to help.



Cline Craft uses authentic licensed fabrics in the construction of our quality handmade items.  Cline Craft is not affiliated with or sponsored by the owners of any character, trademark, or image on the licensed fabrics we use, or the manufacturer of said fabrics.  Items sold by Cline Craft are handmade by us and are not licensed items.  Use of authentic licensed fabrics and sale of items handmade with authentic licensed fabrics is legally protected under First Sale Doctrine.  Display of images on fabrics is Fair Use.